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What Is A Printing Bag?

What is a printing bag? Generally speaking, the printing bag is our flat common handbag, in the handbag printed content, do not print content is called a blank handbag, printing content we call it as a printed handbag, the following small series for everyone to explain in detail what is printing bags and printing bags to pay attention to matters.

Handbags are also known as hand-held bags, handbags and so on. Can be used for the use of goods, is the user's convenience container, because it can generally be carried by hand and the name. Production materials have kraft paper, white cardboard, copper cardboard, OPP, plastic composite, non-woven cloth and so on. Hand-bag printing from its type to divide, can be divided into advertising handbags, shopping bags, gift handbags. The handbag, as the name implies, is used for carrying items, easy to carry bags. Can be divided into: paper handbag, non-woven bag, plastic bag. The most common, the most frequently used, should be non-woven bags, widely used in exhibitions, shopping malls and a variety of markets, strong liquidity, better to convey a message to the customer base.

The purpose of the handbag printing design is to show the rationality of the appearance of the portable goods, and to convey the information of the goods, also display a corporate image and show the cultural flavor of a personality. For the design requirements of the handbag should be simple, to carry a strong, relatively low cost, design should be the pursuit of novel, simple, embodies the concept of freedom, avantgarde, at the same time to play promotional, dissemination, display of various functions. The portable bag with protection and storage function is one of the media of visual flow conveying product image.

Handbags mainly refer to commercial non-woven bags, paper handbags, plastic handbags, product packaging, such as handbags, the use of different materials, but all of the device items, external propaganda function of "bag"-like print. The hand bag print, has the following several aspects common.