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Types Of Plastic Bags

1. High-pressure polyethylene plastic bag

2, low pressure polyethylene plastic bag

3. PP Plastic bag

4. PVC Plastic Bag

5, compound plastic bag of plastic bags: Plastic bag materials: HDPE plastic bags, LDPE plastic bags, Eva plastic bags, CPE plastic bags, PPE plastic bags, opp plastic bags, pp plastic bags, pvc plastic bags.

Commonly used food packaging plastic bags are made of polyethylene film, the film non-toxic, it can be used to dress up food. There is also a film made of polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride itself is non-toxic, but the use of the film to add additives are often harmful to the human body, has certain toxicity. So such films and plastic bags made from the film should not be used to dress food. can also be sticky things easy to run.