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Transparent Bag National Standard

Transparent bag or transparent woven bag , is made from the new material polypropylene after drawing, its characteristics are woven cloth transparent, can be seen through woven bag products, generally used in vegetables, melon seeds and other agricultural products packaging.

The implementation of the national standard of transparent bags from load-bearing, tensile strength, size, density, and so on, the standard of transparent bags to make strict requirements, the acceptance of the layer through the layer of inspection. Of course there are many versions of the national standard for woven bags, but according to my more than 10 years of experience in transparent bags, the standards used here. is measured from any point of view, the quality of transparent bags is the best. 

Main metrics:

Broken Wire: The same place, weft and broken wire less than 3 root

Suture: There is no needle, disconnection, suture, bending phenomenon

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