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The Effect Of Transparent Bag On The Back

At present, most of the domestic express is sticky with a single courier directly affixed to the courier bag, but the document is packed in the outer side of the packaging transparent plastic bag inside, this is why?

Now many use the machine to hit self-adhesive labels. A transparent plastic bag attached to the package and a multi-layer structure of self-adhesive labels which is more expensive to manufacture? What are the pros and cons?

In fact, Shun Fung is a back-adhesive surface, but only a plastic surface to provide a large number of customers, Operation Fast, you can save a lot of manpower. So sometimes we will be lazy to use the back adhesive surface, paste up on the line, easy. Also have a non-stick plain surface can only be installed on the back of the courier bag transparent bag used.

We stand in the customer's point of view, the ordinary surface is actually better than the back-adhesive surface list. Back adhesive surface single because of the outside of the friction sometimes rubbed off or dirty cover some of the waybill information, such as address, telephone number, the recipient can not see clearly that your express delivery can not be normal. The most serious is if even the transport alone is also rubbed off or dirty, your express mail will not be able to participate in normal transit. and the ordinary surface single because the sleeve in the back side of the transparent bag inside can effectively avoid these accidents.

If you are not the file type of small courier, whether you are a bulk of customers, I do not recommend that you use a back adhesive surface, the reason as above. You have not seen the water wet the surface of a single, gently rub on the recognition.

Therefore, the advantages of the back-gum waybill is only easy to operate, fast. and the advantages of ordinary express form more. Waterproof, rub against, prevent pollution. This is shun Fung bag back transparent bag role, at the same time we are custom-made courier bags can also be customized to do a transparent back bag.