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Notes For Printing Bags

1. In the handbag printing process, to pay attention to the use of the same ink, do not mix the different nature of the ink, if the two can not be dissolved, will affect the quality of the handbag.

2. In the printing time to ensure the nature of the ink, to avoid direct sunlight, but also to maintain the indoor temperature, preferably within 10-26 degrees Celsius.

3. In the process of carrying out the handbag printing, if the ink does not stir regularly, it will be easy to bond, which will affect the overall rendering effect of the tote bag.

4. In the process of printing, it is also necessary to fully play the role of water, it can effectively control the viscosity of ink, but also play a role in the balance of ph value. If found the ph value is not controlled at the 8. 5-9. Between 5, you should add water or ph stabilizer to regulate.

Because of the popularity of bag printing, its price is very low, because the handbag people are often used, and it also has promotional, dissemination, display of various functions. Therefore, in this information-based society, bag printing is widely used in all walks of life.