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Market Transparent Bag

Market transparent bags are sold in the market transparent bags are in the cost savings do not affect the use of the basis of production, but also produced a variety of transparent bags. Market transparent bag As the name implies is the general market sales of transparent bags, specifications varied from 24 wide to 84 wide. The width of the silk is not the same, there are 16 buckle, 18 buckle, there are 14 buckle, the common width is 24, 28 wide, 32 wide, 35 wide, 48 wide, 50 wide, 55 wide, 60 wide, 65 wide, 70 wide, 73 wide, 75 wide, 80 wide, 81 wide, 82 wide, 83 wide, 84 wide. Of course, these bags are mainly used for granular things, the relatively thin silk can also be filled with powder-like things.

In addition, the market transparent bag is also a lot of weight, from the square 48 grams to the square 75 grams, now the market transparent bags, there are general transparent bags, there are transparent side big bright bag, generally speaking, whether from the pull or density, material quality, transparent side big bright bag or generally transparent bag is good, of course, the cost is high, the general transparent bag in 14000-17000 per ton, because the transparent bag is a new material, so the price and PP particles have a great connection, usually a large float.

The above is simply introduced the market transparent bag basic situation and with the transparent bag difference, hoped can help everybody deepen to the transparent bag understanding.