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Woven Bag Raw Material

Plastic woven noun Explanation: woven bag mainly speaking: plastic woven bag is polypropylene (English name PP) as the main raw material, extruded, into flat wire, and then by weaving, preparation, bag-making.

The commonly used woven cloth density is 36x36 root/10cm² 40x40 root/10cm²

1. Woven density tolerance.

The braiding density tolerance refers to the number of strands or the reduction of the root of the flat wire.

2. Woven Fabric Unit Area quality.

The unit area weight of woven fabric is expressed in square meter grams, which is an important technical index of woven fabric. The weight of square metre depends mainly on the density of the warp and weft, the thickness of the flat wire, the weight of the square meter, the tensile strength, the load capacity and the weight of the square meter are the main parts of the control cost of the production enterprise.

3. Woven cloth tensile load.

The tensile load is also called tensile strength, stretching intensity. For braided Booker to withstand the tensile load of the warp and weft direction in two directions, the warp and weft tensile load is called.

4. Width.

All kinds of woven fabric width directly affect the bag making process. For the drum cloth with a folded to indicate the width, the fold is equal to the circumference of the half.

Width reduction rate, all woven fabric woven volume after the breadth, in the exhibition volume cutting, printing, stitching, the width of the bag is slightly smaller than the width of the coiling, we call the breadth back shrink.

5. Handle.

PP Flat wire braid feel thicker, quite broad, rough.

HDPE flat wire Woven soft, lubrication, not dense.

In PP flat silk material added calcium masterbatch, feel quite wide, pp less HDPE will make it softer.

Flat wire narrow, knitting flat, feel soft, flat wire wide, woven cloth folding silk more, feel rough.