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Use of PE bag in market

Use is very wide, mainly used to make films, containers, pipelines, monofilament, wire and cable, daily necessities, and can be used as television, radar and other high-frequency insulating materials.

The market is commonly used in the calculation and by length (volume). (a) small bag mainly used in small parts packaging, electronic production

Product Accessories bags have anti-static effect, the mouth of the bag and the structure of the self-styled, the latter also known as Bone pocket (PE bone bag) or compact bag;

(coil) bags have to cut themselves (material packaging) and print incisions (for supermarkets).

Another PE material preservation film can also be called PE bag, pay attention to direct contact with food preservation film must choose PE material (the other is generally PVC), the human body is relatively safe. Resolution: The transparency, tensile strength and viscosity of PVC cling film are better than PE film. PVC film in the use of fire, the flame black, smoke, there is a pungent odor, will not drop oil, leaving the fire will automatically extinguish. And PE film burning when the flame is yellow, tasteless, will drop oil, and can continue to burn after leaving the fire.