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Open pocket with square bottom

Bottom Open Pocket: Also said: Square Open pocket

(1): Square Bottom Open Pocket definition: Square Open pocket a small bulk packaging container, convenient, neat, good sealing, is currently the most popular in the international packaging materials, especially suitable for export packaging

(2): Square Bottom Open pocket craft explanation: The square bottom open pocket is in the paper plastic compound bag or Kraft Bag's foundation, the specification size according to the customer request, uses the environmental protection glue, passes through the manual folding, has made the sealed upper opening the packing bag

(3): Square Bottom Open Pocket performance parameter: Surface Material: natural color, white, color kraft paper or stretch kraft paper.  Inner layer material: natural color, white kraft paper or stretch kraft paper. Additional material: can attach pp, PE moistureproof film.

Product Features: Environmentally-friendly green products, material diversification, adapt to different product packaging requirements, full paper packaging in line with environmental protection and export packaging requirements for Europe and the United States, according to the food hygiene requirements, high temperature wet drying, printing exquisite, beautiful package shape, large package volume, standing packaging, suitable for packaging machinery automatic filling.

(4): The square bottom Open pocket application scope: Chemical raw materials, organic pigments, food additives, pharmaceutical additives, building materials, and all applicable to the end of the square open pocket Packaging industry, Guangzhou Oakwood Emperor Packaging Products Co., Ltd. is a specialized production square valve bottom bag, set bags, woven bags of enterprise types full and reasonable price, product coverage of Guangdong, Hubei, Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei and other markets, and supporting a number of large-scale enterprise products exported to South Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

The bottom open pocket is a kind of traditional thinking and advanced thinking of the packaging bag, the bottom of the bag is square, so that the overall effect of the bag can be comparable with the square valve pocket; openings for the flat mouth, and seam bottom open pockets of the same packaging, suitable for traditional sewing and sealing way, paper can add a layer of plastic film, used to packaging the need for moisture-proof products.