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Classification of polyethylene

According to the material: PE is divided into LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE.

According to the production process is divided into: PE flat pocket, self-styled bag, folder chain bag, envelope bag, punching bag, hand-held handbag, zipper bag, PE film.

1, PE flat pocket for the simplest production process, from the machine blown film, and then to the bag-making machine into a bag, bottom sealing.

2, the self-styled bag is by the machine blown film time with a bone bar, can be manually sealed. Unlike clip-chain bags, these two kinds of bags tend to be confused.

3, the chain bag is made of PE film, in the above plus 2 folder chain (this clip is separate out of the chain) made from the bag, the bag on both sides generally have a relatively wide indentation, and the self-styled bag is not. The self-styled bag is printed in fewer colours, while the clip-chain bag can print complex patterns.

4, envelope bag is like an envelope has a tongue, put a glue on the tongue, folded to be able to seal the bag. General Clothing class use more. And the Courier bag is actually a kind of envelope bag.

5, punching bag is in the flat pocket at the top of the appropriate place to make a hole to facilitate the bag lift up.

6, hand-held bag is to add plastic film on top of the bag, convenient bag to lift up, this process consumes labor, relatively high costs.

7, zipper bag is in the bag sealing place with pull chain and with zipper cap.

8, PE film is the machine blown out after the film is not made into bags. Also divided into winding film and shrink film.