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Application range of packing bag

1. Industrial and agricultural products packaging bags

As a result of product resources and price problems, China has 6 billion woven bags each year for cement packaging, accounting for more than 85% of the bulk cement packaging. With the development and application of flexible package, plastic woven bags are widely used in marine, transportation packaging industry and agriculture products, in agricultural products packaging, plastic woven bags have been widely used in water products packaging, poultry feed packaging, farm cover materials, crop planting shading, windproof, shelter and other materials. Common products: Feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, putty powder woven bags, urea woven bags, vegetable mesh bags, fruit mesh bags.

2. Food Packing Bag

Rice, flour and other food packaging gradually used woven bag packaging. Common woven bags are: Rice woven bags, flour woven bags, corn woven bags and other woven bags.

3. Tourism industry

Temporary tents, umbrellas, travel bags and travel bags in the tourism industry are used in plastic woven fabrics, all kinds of tarpaulin for transportation and storage of covering materials, replacing the easily mildew-heavy cotton tarpaulin. Construction of fencing, nets, etc. are also widely used in plastic woven fabric. Common: Logistics bags, logistics packaging bags, freight bags, cargo packaging bags