Dhl Packing List Envelope 285*195mm

Packing List Envelope is a pouch widely used during shipments to prevent documents from getting wet and damage.It is placed on the outside of packages and precautionary and informational labels to caution package-handlers and other parties about the properties of the packages.


Packing List Envelope is a pouch widely used during shipments to prevent documents from getting wet and damage.It is placed on the outside of packages and precautionary  and informational labels to caution package-handlers and other parties about the properties of the packages.

It comes together with a self-adhesive liner at the back that perfectly sticks on all surfaces to prevent the loss of

documents during shipments.


1. For courier company sending parcels, confidential documents, express delivery.

 2. Ideal for internet shopping , Catalog shopping or TV shopping companies.

 3. Transfer of importation and confidential documents.

 4. enclosed packing list , invoice and other documents.

 5. used in transportation, pated on package.

100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/carton or 500pcs/carton.

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